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Power & Data Cable Assemblies

Fleconn is a global leading Manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom connectors, cable assemblies and connectivity solutions for a wide variety of industry fields. We own several connector specialists and engineers with more than ten years' experiences in the connector industry. We can design and manufacture electrical connectors and custom cable assembly for worldwide clients such as wire to wire connectors, wire to board connectors, board to board connectors, PCB connectors, Medical connectors, BNC Fakra MMCX SMA connectors, USB Type-C connectors,  IP67/IP68 waterproof connectors, HDMI Cables, Flat Cables, Mini Display Port Cables, DVI Cables, USB Cables, RF Coaxial Cables, M8/M12 Cables etc. Fleconn is committed to provide outstanding services, value and quality.

Cirular Connectors & Cable Assemblies

M5/M8 Connectors/M12 Connectors of protection classes IP67 and IP68 are available in shielded and unshielded versions. They include Sensor Connectors, Actuator Connectors and X-coding Cat6A high-speed 10Gbit rugged industrial Ethernet Connectors. They are of compact design and available as cable, panel-mount and flange connectors. With standard screw termination on the M5, M8 and M12 products, sensor connectors ensure rational and economic system wiring. With a range of compatible connectors, sockets and accessories, Fleconn is a professional sensor connectors Manufacturer and Supplier. These sensor Connectors can be flexibly configured, making them suitable for a wide range of requirements in the field of automation technology. This category contains sensor connectors in the M5 connector, M8 sensor connector, M12 connector, A-coding and connecting cable range

Product R&D Services

FLECONN can provide professional design and manufacturing for metal plastic electronics product, accessories, enclosures, housing, parts and components such as 3D Concept Designing, 3D Drafting Services, 3D Modeling Services, 3D Printing Services, 3D CAD/CAM Services, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Prototypes and  Product Contract Manufacturing Services. We use the most advance PRO/E software that can accurately simulate real-world operating conditions. This will reduce the time and costs traditionally used towards building and testing prototypes. For Prototyping purposes, FLECONN converts ideas into 3D PRO/E data. Once a product is prototyped and is ready for production various 2D models may be used as well. FLECONN offers its customers production ready 2D engineering designs for manufacturing and patenting purposes as well.

Leading Products

M8 Sensor connector & cable assembly manufacturer
Features: Divided with cable and without cable. And outlet with two options of 4-6 and 6-10. Extensive industrial applications. Waterproof Rating: IP67/IP68
Apple iPhone 5/5C/5S/6 iPad Lightning to USB Charge Sync Cable Manufacturers/Suppliers
Features: Charge and Sync Cable Two-in-One USB Cables. Applications to iPhone 5S iphone 5 iphone 5c iphone 6 and Samsung all series smart phone. Perfectly compatible ios7 colorful series,noodles flat.
X Coded M12 TO M12 CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable High Bandwidth
Features: Connector Series:M12. Connector Gender: Male. Coding:X Coded. Assembly Style: Molding. Polarity: 8 pins Waterproof Rating: IP67/IP68
M12 8 Pole Connector
Connector Series: M12. Gender: Male. Coding: A-Coded. Contacts: 8-pole. Cable outlet: 4-6 mm. Waterproof Rating: IP67
M12 5 Pole Connector
Connector Series: M12. Gender: Male and Female. Coding: A-Coded. Contacts: 5 poles. Cable outlet: 4-6 mm. Waterproof Rating: IP67


Aerospace and Defense
Aerospace and Defense
By providing faster, smaller, lighter and more cost-effective COTS, harsh environment and military-grade solutions, Fleconn brings a wide range of technology and innovation to the aerospace and defense industry. Fleconn continues to develop, an array of integrated and custom solutions to assist in reaching all design goals – with exceptional quality, efficiency and reliability – to ensure seamless connectivity for critical applications....

Automotive Connector Cable Assembly
Automotive Connector Cable Assembly
Fleconn can supply the solutions of car connectors for global customers from the car industry. Solutions range from standard sealed and unsealed connector products to custom built power and signal harnesses for the powertrain and in-car entertainment....