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High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a kind of technology of digital audio / video interface. It is a special type of digital interface that is suitable for video transmission. HDMI can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals , the maximum rate of data transmission is 5Gbps. At the same time it is not necessary to do D/A or A/D conversion before sending the signal. HDMI can go with broadband digital content protection (HDCP) in order to prevent copyrighted audio and video content from unauthorized copying. The extra volume of HDMI owing can be used in the upgraded format of audio and video in the future. And because the signal demand of a 1080p video and 8-channel audio signal is less than 4Gbps. Therefore, HDMI has been owing a great margin. This allows it to be connected with a DVD player, cable receiver and the PRR. Chinese canonical name
There are five types for version 1.4 HDMI cable, standardized means of identification are:
Standard HDMI Cable Chinese canonical name :
Standard HDMI cable ( up to support 1080/60i);
Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet;
Standard Automotive HDMI Cable;
High Speed ​​HDMI Cable (support 1080p, DeepColor, 3D);
High Speed ​​HDMI Cable with Ethernet.

DVI TO HDMI Interface Connecting Cable Supplier
Features: DMI is a flat interface of digital audio mixing. DVI is a more common digital video interface (excluding audio) in computer. You need this adapter if you want to connect the HDMI interface of notebook.

Features: HDMI 1.3 Rev supports EDID, DDC2B. The volumn of HDMI interface is much smaller compared with DVI. This can effectively solve the problem of the tangled mess connections behind a home entertainment system.

HDMI A TO HDMI  D TYPE Connecting Cable Manufacturer
Features: HDMI A Type with 19 pins in total is the most common HDMI connector specifications. It relatively equals to DVI Single-Link transmission. The maximum transmission size only lies in 1600x1200 (TMDS 162.0MHz).