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M12 8 Pole Connector

Part Number:

M12 8 Pole Male Connector, M12 Connector 8 Pin Male

FLECONN can provide high-quality m12 8 pole male connectors with A-coded plugs, plastic covers and field-wireable screw terminals.

General Description:
Connector Series: M12. Gender: Male. Coding: A-Coded. Contacts: 8-pole. Cable outlet: 4-6 mm. Waterproof Rating: IP67

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Product Description

M12 8 Pole Connector

FLECONN can supply high quality m12 8-pole male connector with a-coded plug, plastic cover and field wireable screw terminations.

M12 8-pin male Connector in the company of FLECONN China

1. The product Features for m12 8-pole connector

Connector Series: M12. 

Gender: Male. 

Coding: A-Coded. 

Contacts: 8-pole. 

Waterproof Rating: IP67 plastic cover

2. The Mechanical and Electrical Characters for m12 8 pole male connector 

Connector locking system:screw Termination

crewing Wire gauge (mm)0.75 mm² 

Wire gauge (AWG)18 

Cable outlet 4 - 6 mm 

Degree of protectionIP67 

Mechanical operation> 100 mating cycles 

Upper temperature85 °C Lower temperature-40 °C 

Rated voltage250 V 

Rated impulse voltage2500 V 

Pollution degree

Overvoltage categoryII 

Material groupIII 

Rated current (40°C)4 A 

Volume resistivity≤ 3 mΩ (Gold) 

Material of contactCuZn (Brass) 

Contact platingCuSnZn (Optaloy)

3.  m12 a-coded 8 pin male connector pinout

M12 A-Coded Male Connector 8 Pin Pinout.jpg

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M12 Connectors in the company of FLECONN China

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