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VGA interfaces that is Video Graphics Array interfaces, also called D-Sub interface. It is an standard of PC display using analog signals put forward by IBM ​​in 1987. This standard has been implemented for 20 years, is one of the most common interfaces. VGA signal is the analog signal that is composed of R, G, B three primary color and Horizontal (H), Vertical (V) synchronizing signal, that is transmitted into the display devices by VGA.

DB Pin TO 3RCA Connector Cable Assembly Manufacturer
Features: 3RCA is a high definition component serial digital vedio interface. Also called chromatic aberration output / input interface. Avoiding the image distortion caused by the tedious process of transmission.

DB 9PIN TO BD9 PIN Connector Cable Company
Features: RS-232-C interface now regarded as DB9 is the most common kind of serial communication interface. Full name is the the interface technical standards of the serial binary data exchange between "DTE and DCE.

VGA Connector Cable Assembly Developer and Supplier
Features: VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface that is video graphics array interface. VGA cable is the special cable used to connect the two VGA interfaces between TV and card VGA.