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USB Cables

USB is short for Universal Serial BUS. Its Chinese is referred to as "through-train line", It is the standard of external bus which is used to regulate the connecting and communicating of computers and external devices. It was applied in the field of PC Interface technology. USB interface supports plug and play as well as hot swap function of devices. USB is jointly proposed by Intel, Compaq, IBM, Microsoft and other companies in the end of 1994. The Purposes of developing USB Universal Serial Bus product is to integrate many existing PC I / O ports into the band etc. that is applicable to a variety of models for different applications. "A" series connectors can be directly inserted into the downstream outlet port of USB host or hub. The series of standard "B" connectors, with basic square shape and a chamfer, can be inserted into the upstream outlet of USB device or hub. This series includes two models of vertical and right angle socket. vertical models. Fleconn can customize all kinds of USB Cable for global customers

Apple iPhone 5/5C/5S/6 iPad Lightning to USB Charge Sync Cable Manufacturers/Suppliers
Features: Charge and Sync Cable Two-in-One USB Cables. Applications to iPhone 5S iphone 5 iphone 5c iphone 6 and Samsung all series smart phone. Perfectly compatible ios7 colorful series,noodles flat.

USB CABLE With OTG Function
Features: OTG Cable is mainly used in a variety of different devices or mobile device, the connection between For data exchange. Now lots of smart phones, tablets support OTG.

Super Speed USB 3.0 AM to BM Cable
Features: Low bandwidth were improved significantly - up to 5 GBPS full-duplex (USB2.0 is 480 MBPS half-duplex). Low to achieve the better power management. Low allows the host to provi

Flexible Elastic Retractable USB Cable Assembly Supplier
Features: Convenient to carry. Long using life. With a little, exquisite and beautiful shape.

USB TO  Micro-USB Connecting Cable Assembly Supplier
Features: Micro-USB connector occupies the smallest volume among all USB interconnecting. With a higher durability advantage.

USB AM TO USB BM Data Cable Supplier and Designer
Features: USB Data Cable for Printer. With a high speed of 480Mbps(60MB/s). Current:500mA.

USB AM TO USB AF Apply in the switch over and Extension for all kinds of USB Devices.
Features: USB interface supports plug and play as well as hot swap function of devices. The series of multiple strips of USB cable can simultaneously connect to more devices.