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Super Speed USB 3.0 AM to BM Cable

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  • Low bandwidth were improved significantly - up to 5 GBPS full-duplex (USB2.0 is 480 MBPS half-duplex).
  • Low to achieve the better power management.
  • Low allows the host to provi

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Product Description

USB 3.0 is the latest USB specification, the specification was sponsored by companies such as Intel.USB 2.0 has received universal PC manufacturers, interface more became the necessary interfaces of hardware manufacturers.USB2.0 maximum transmission bandwidth is 480 megabits per second (60 MB/s), and the maximum transmission bandwidth start up to 5.0 Gbps (640 MB/s).But, you should pay attention to the theory of transfer value, if several devices share a USB channel, main control chip for each device for distribution, control the bandwidth of the disposable.As in USB1.1, all equipment can only share the bandwidth of the 1.5 MB/s.If all USB interface bandwidth to the single equipment, will give the use of other equipment difficult.

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