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RJ45 High Flexible Cable

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RJ45 High Flexible Cable

FLECONN can provide highly flexible RJ45 Ethernet cables for high-speed transmission on photographic equipment.

General Description:
The RJ45 Ethernet cable with braided shield can effectively increase the transmission rate between devices and isolate the interference of external electromagnetic signals.

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Product Description

RJ45 High Flexible Cable

FLECONN can provide highly flexible RJ45 Ethernet cables for high-speed transmission on photographic equipment.

Product Features:

1. The jumper adopts a multi-strand cable structure, which is soft and easy to bend and is easy to jump and cut;

2. Use high-quality oxygen-free copper; and use PC crystal head; protective cover with PVC or LSZH;

3. One-time injection molding process to ensure a firm connection between the flexible cable and the crystal head;

4. Provide jumpers of different lengths and colors. 

5.Product performance reaches 100% through the channel test.

6. Setting of Super Category 5/Cat.6/Cat.6A patch cord.


-Cable Type: cat5,cat5e,cat6,cat6a,cat8

-Bandwidth:  Support up to 2000Mhz 

-Data Transfer Speed: 40Gbps 

-Jacket Material: Environmental PVC 

-Connectors Type: 24K Gold-plated RJ45 (8P8C)

-Conductors Material: 26 AWG stranded 100% oxygen-free copper 

-Construction: S/FTP (Shielded Foiled Twisted Pair) 

-More different length for choice:


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RJ45 Ethernet Cable and Manufacturer in China

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