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FLECONN is a professional IP67 / IP68 waterproof m8 circular connector and overmolded cable assembly manufacturer supplier in China.  M8 Connector and Cable Assembly has the features of waterproof, dustproof, oil resistance, cold-resistant, stable performance, high efficient, fast and reliable connection. They are widely used in photoelectric switch, proximity switch, various sensors and all kinds of industry automation and robot wiring system.

 M8 sensor connector is divided into several types such as m8 field wireable connector, PCB panel mount connectors, overmolded cable connector, Y splitter connector.

Regarding m8 field wireable cable connector, the cable outlet is 4-6mm. These field installable cable connectors may be used for connecting sensor and industry automation systems by field assembling and installing with various length cables. There are plastic cover and metal shell available according to factory circumstances. These enclosures can achieve IP67 / IP68 protection class. M8 field assembly type connectors may be divided into two types. One type of field attachable cable connector is unshielded with plastic enclosure cover, and the other type with 360 degree shieldable metal housing and screw terminals is shieldable. It can shield external complicated electromagnetic environment in order to protect the transmission security of data and signal. It can be used in the factory with complicated electromagnetic circumstances.

As M8 panel mount connectors, they may be classified as front mounting, rear / back mounting type by rear fastening thread and front fastening thread. Their pins have wire solder cup pin and PCB DIP solder pin.

Regarding molding type cable connector, we may custom single ended and double ended (male-male, male-female, female-female) m8 overmolded cable assemblies. The length of these cables have 1m, 2m,3m, 5m and 10m or any custom made length. Cable jacket may be PVC, TPU and PUR.

 According to installation requirements, there are straight and right angle m8 connectors and cable cordsets.

In order to prevent signals from being interfered, there are shielded cable plug and female socket two types of connectors. The mold type connector has also shieldable version who owns metal shielding tube under injected plastic coat. The tinned braided shielding copper wires may be solder to metal tube after soldering core wires into solder pins.

 M8 connector cable assemblies have been widely used in outdoor light boxes, construction machinery, iron and steel production equipment, power equipment, mining machinery, ship machinery, automotive equipment, automatic production equipment, temperature sensor, hydraulic machine, sensor, electromagnetic valve, instruments and meters, pressure transmitter, etc.


FLECONN is a professional m5 m8 m12 m16 circular connector, custom overmolded cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products have a higher cost-performance than those first well-known international brands’. We may accept small batch order and provide fast and excellent services for global customers. If you are interested in our connectors, cable assemblies and wire harnesses, welcome to visit our website: and contact with us by Skype account: fleconn, email address: