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USB TO Micro-USB Connecting Cable Assembly Supplier


  • Micro-USB connector occupies the smallest volume among all USB interconnecting.
  • With a higher durability advantage.


USB TO  Micro-USB Connecting Cable Assembly Supplier
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Product Detail
Micro-USB technology is developed by the independent nonprofit USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF). Compared with the Mini-USB, the Micro-USB connector of Fleconn has a smaller size and higher durability advantages. Micro-USB connector allows manufacturers to break through the limit of thinner and lighter mobile device, abtain the sleek design and more and better portability. Micro-USB will replace most of the Mini-USB plugs and sockets used currently. Micro-USB specification supports the appendix of current USB portable type (OTG) , which makes portable devices directly communicate with each other without host, so as to provide overall mobile connectivity.Fleconn can customize designated length of USB cable for portable device manufacturers.